1 John 1:7
1 John 1:7
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God Makes Himself Known 

God Makes Himself Known

By Pastor Steven Hynes k | 21/04/2020


God makes himself known. We often think if we can’t see something at work it isn’t there. That is often the case of God in our lives. It is easy to forget he is there because we can’t see him. We go on with our normal life without a thought of how God is working in our daily life. Then, all of sudden, God lets us know he has been there all the time. God makes himself known to us and eventually to the nations will know.


Ezekiel 39:7

‘I will make known my holy name among my people Israel. I will no longer let my holy name be profaned, and the nations will know that I the Lord am the Holy One in Israel.


God is going to be Exalted

God made himself known to Israel. Ezekiel had some powerful encounters with God. As you read the last half of his book you start to realize how amazing God is. You see a God who is not content sitting on the sidelines and watching. He is very active in our daily life and won’t be denied what is rightfully his. God is going to be exalted. He will set things in order and make things right. One day the nations will know that he is God.


Is Our Life a Witness?

God still makes himself known in our lives. Is their evidence of the Almighty God in our lives? Do people see the Him working? Is the Spirit flowing out of my heart? Is love a predominant virtue that I am known for? All of these areas are where God is exalted. Sure we want to see him exalted from the heavens but he wants to be exalted in our lives. Don’t lose hope when it doesn’t seem like God is close. Use that time to grow closer to him through prayer and getting into the Bible.



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