1 John 1:7
1 John 1:7
Revelation Church Of God Bad Kreuznach
Revelation Church Of God Bad Kreuznach 

Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry of Revelation Church of God International Ministries take into account the interest of all Men in the Church since the head of every Man is Christ. All Aspects of life together with Leadership Role and Responsibility in the Church, Husbands’ Responsibilities at home, Child Care and Education, Marriage Enhancement, Business Management and Current Affairs at both National and International levels etc. are being organized through Symposia, Seminars, Retreats and Workshop by the Men Ministry.


To build up the Men in the church to take up Family, Community and Church duties as well as making disciples of all nations. AIM To serve as a knowledgeable ministry and aid the church in the actualization of it’s vision. (Isaiah 2:2-3).


To become an effectual and worth mentioning Ministry to fervently get in touch with Men around the world for Christ.

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